Love Is Our Fashion Statement

"Surround yourself with love and positivity" This statement perfectly ties in with the mission and foundation of Details, Darling. This is why when we found out about "Fay With Love", we simply had to feature their products. Their jewelry beams radiant colors with stylishness at the core of every piece.  But most importantly, each piece is made with love. 

Looking for a way to stay inspired and find inner peace? Wear these Fay With Love pieces daily and you will be reminded of these promises you make to yourself. Here is a quick description of our favorite pieces from the line: 

Barefoot Yogi Bracelet is made of Howlite, absorbs any anger in your life and helps overcome selfish motives. 

Motivation Bracelet is made of Fossil, helps get things done and inspires creativity.  

Links to buy hereBarefoot YogiMotivation, and Effortless Blue
And for all you Yogi lovers.... It's your lucky day. They recently launched a brand new yoga line. The pants are vibrant, so you will definitely stand out in class and they are have the perfect stretch to practice your best "tree pose." 

Check out Fay With Love and be sure to use the code: aubrey&kenzie to receive 15% off your entire purchase! We will definitely be frequent shoppers of this brand.