S’more Summer Please!

When we think summer, we think campfire, and when we think campfire, we immediately think S’MORES. S’mores whether they’re made with family or friends are a nostalgic childhood pastime. With the ooey gooey fingers and risk of a burnt marshmallow, we don’t know what dessert screams summer more than that of a s’more.

Being the sophisticated women that we are at Details, we like to play with our food in the most delicate and decadent way possible. Here are some tips and tricks to create the perfect summer s’more with a splash of individuality.

For the traditional: 

The ideal s’more is always a great choice, there is no denying that. But try spicing it up by using premium ingredients!
Trader Joe’s Organic Cinnamon Baked Grahams (so good even on their own). 
andmade Vanilla Marshmallows by Dean & Deluca ($8 dollars and can be purchased on Deanddeluca.com
And who could forget the chocolate? Compartes Chocolate Bars designed as art and food! Purchase locally or online at www.compartes.com

For the peanut butter & chocolate lover:

Substitute that plain Jane Hersey’s bar out for a Reese Peanut Buttercup. For even more peanut butter love, try using two peanut butter chocolate cookies with dark chocolate.

For the non-traditional:

Try the Nutella, strawberry, honey s’more- can you say yum!! And you can pretend it is healthy because of the fruit, right?!

For the adventurous:

Try adding a savory to the sweet-adding bacon! The salty sweet combo is surprisingly to die for.

Want to make it even more adventurous? Try dipping marshmallows in Burbon for a hint of flavor that isn’t in your face, but definitely worth trying!

For the chocoholic:

Try using chocolate chip cookies instead of graham crackers. The perfect amount of chocolate- but make sure to pack the napkins. And the milk.

If you're not drooling over the computer screen currently.. we have failed miserably. What s'more looks the best to you? let us know in the comments below and get to baking!