Darling Of The Month

Meet Becca Robson - a entrepreneur who is currently working on building an incredible food and entertaining blog . She has found that food constantly has the power to bring people together & always gives people a reason to celebrate. Her soon to be blog will focus on ways to entertain at home or on the road. With dining tips around the globe to menu suggestions for a girls night in, you'll definitely become a great host after hearing this foodie's advice. Her instagram posts are to die for and her eye for style is on point.  

Q: Give us your best "15 second elevator pitch" on who you are! 
A: There is always going to be a service to provide but not everyone provides the experience. I want to provide you with an experience and create a feeling inside of you from the moment you enter my home, taste my food and are ready for a night cap. I will leave you feeling full, yet comforted and hopefully inspired. 

Q: Sometimes its hard to stay motivated in this industry, what inspires you daily?
The art of food, styling and beautiful photos inspires me but what keeps me inspired is the reaction and the feeling I hope to evoke in the people I am cooking or styling for. Nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by the people I love as we gather around a beautiful table or living space and break bread ( or more often than not, no bread at all, simply tons of un corked bottles)  haha :]

Q: What is your number 1 tip for someone trying to start their own business?
A: The best advice I could give for someone trying to start their own business is simply to find what it is they are most passionate about and just start with that. 

Q: You're attending a party/event. What small details do you seem to notice first? 
Honestly it's all about ambiance for me. When I walk into any event I notice lighting details and then florals. 

Q: Best advice you've received in this industry and from who?
This question could not have been asked at a better time, seeing is I just came back from one of the most inspiring weekends led by some of the most inspiring women.  However one woman in particular stood out the most, Stephanie Jovski a lifestyle and travel blogger. She said "Stay true to your brand and consistency is key." No truer words have ever been spoken. With so many bloggers, and designers and stylists out there now it can be easy to want to fall in the trend of posting what maybe some of the more "popular" bloggers are posting. However, staying authentic and true to your brand is so important because you want people to fall in love with you and be inspired by you. Eventually your own passions and style will inspire someone else. Once your have grasped your style, stick with it and be consistent, because people will notice and began to recognize your work. 

Q: Who are your current favorite Instagram accounts to follow? 
A: I love all the following:

Q: Glitter or Feathers? Donuts or Froyo? Succulent or Daises? 
A: Glitter, Donuts, Succulents 

If you enjoy pictures of delicious food, beautiful flowers & amazing views, you will definitely want to follow Becca on this journey. Be on the lookout for the #PROJECTCC website coming soon!