Say Hello to Maria!

We couldn't be more excited to introduce you to this little lady who we recently brought on the Details, Darling team! We remember when we were in college and were incredibly eager to get our feet wet in the event industry. Now we are beyond excited, yet over-whelmed, by the amount of work it takes to start & run our own business. That's why when we met Maria - we knew God sent us a creative angel. Maria is our very first intern and day-of wedding assistant. We asked her to tell us a little bit about herself, this is her story: 

"Hi! My name is Maria Santana- some call me Ladymar- soon to be Junior at Chapman University! Growing up in the suburbs of San Francisco, I am a die heart Giants fan and love of adventures! You can catch me any day of the week roaming around looking for new restaurants and coffee shops, eating sandwiches at Delores Park, even shopping at great vintage stores on the Haight Street. Currently interning for Details Darling, as well as a part-time buyer at the Buffalo Exchange in Costa Mesa, I love the simple ways we can all be creative in life - from cool vintage pumps to picking out flowers on Abbot Kinney! 

My hobbies include drinking way too much coffee, writing short stories, blasting and belting my favorite songs, and organizing my extra long to-do lists. As the biggest foodie I know, I am always in the kitchen trying to copy all of the amazing things I've tried - my latest test "a veggie burger with tempeh bacon (sounds weird, surprisingly delicious)! I am a project starter- I love to be beyond busy, so whether it's with Details, or attempting to build my own Ace Hotel inspired headboard - I am always brainstorming something. 

I have always believed in living life with intention, gratitude and spirit! My hope is to always be participating in my passions in as many ways as possible, and I encourage others to do the same!" 

She's fantastic right?? Well, we sure think so. She's already blown us away with her writing & styling skills. Can't wait to work together on weddings in the upcoming months. XO.