Braided Bliss

"Spread Bliss" - what a wonderful motto for a company. When we think of the word "bliss", we think of pure happiness. That's what Braided Bliss (far more than a clothing company) hopes to radiate. Radiating positive energy onto others, so that everyone has the opportunity to experience pure joy. Going out of your way to make a difference in someone else's day. It could start with one tiny action but soon become a way of life! 

Although the shirts are adorable in itself, the best part is that each shirt comes with a mini message in a bottle. Hang it on your key chain or re-gift to keep on spreading bliss. Little acts of kindness make a world of difference. 

And.... it doesn't stop there. $1 from every purchase is donated to Rewrite Beautiful; an organization that helps girls embrace their natural beauty and talents to create a positive impact on society rather than a negative one on their body.

So if you want to shine some light onto your own or another's life, head on over to their shop and grab your new favorite tee!

"You are light. You are bliss."