Darling Of The Month - If You Can Dream It, Do It

It was probably quite weird being interviewed for this feature because this Darling is usually the one interviewing others. Say hello to Lindsey from "If You Can Dream It, Do It" - a bubbly reporter, inspirational blogger & outstanding human. That's a lot of words to live up to, right?? Well, from what we can tell about Lindsey, she is on fire for life and is ready to take over the entertainment industry one interview at a time. 


Q: Give us your best "15 second elevator pitch" on who you are! 
A: Hey, I'm Lindsey! I have a joy for people, their stories, and a zest for life!

Q: Where did the idea for If You Can Dream It, Do It come from?
A: I moved to LA without knowing anyone, to chase my dream of being an actress. It was the first step into really putting "all my eggs" in my dream basket. The leap of faith, and continued leaps of faith taught me so much about myself, stretched me in ways I'd never imagined, and the hard work began to pay off. When I was in college, I worked as a freelance red carpet reporter for Seventeen Magazine, I realized (even more so) after interviewing many famous actors/musicians/producers that so many people looked up - they were simply just kids with a dream. 

I wanted to start a place that would showcase more of the candid side of dream-chasing. The nitty, gritty, the not-so-nice parts, but wanted to fold that in with the inspiring parts. It was so eye opening and comforting when I was interviewing on the red carpet in college. I remember feeling so reassured when these "iconic" people would tell me they almost gave up. I think social media can show our lives in such a glamorous light. I really wanted a place that could be honest, and would answer people's questions that sent me FB messages throughout college about wanting to chase their dreams, take leaps of faith in their jobs, and found that creating a website was the best way to encompass all of that. In addition to sharing my story, I love to share stories of other dreamers who have really sacrificed and gone through a lot to get to where they are today. I share those as "Dreamer Spotlights," on my site.

Q: Sometimes its hard to stay motivated in this industry, what inspires you daily?
A: Great question! It's honestly a combination. I'd say my faith and my pride to not want to give up are heavy fuel. 
-Faith in the sense that if my day goes completely awful, having the faith to know my hope doesn't rest in my dream being "accomplished." My hope is in far more than checking off life goal lists, it's in Jesus. So, knowing and keeping a "bigger picture" perspective on tough days is important. (Not saying that I'm perfect at that though, definitely not.)
-People inspire and motivate me BIG time!! I wish I had time to get to every FB and email message. Hearing from girls around the world who have followed along since I worked at Seventeen, or who stumbled upon my blog is super inspiring. It's always reassuring, when you have tough days, like "Okay I can do this, people are cheering you on." With that said, days can be tough for everyone, tell someone you admire that you do today, you have no idea how much it impacts people!

Sometimes living in LA, there will be 10 people who tell you what you're not, before someone affirms what you are. So getting messages from strangers, old elementary friends, or family is always super encouraging and keeps me grinding! 

Last thing, yes 100% this industry and LA are tough. Know who you are, know who you want to be, and don't accommodate what people "want" you to be. Keep your character about you because that is what lasts, and that's how you will find like-minded people. Staying in touch with my family and close friends motivates me and reminds me of what I'm about on days that are the toughest. 

Q: What is your number 1 tip for someone trying to start their own business?
A: IfYouCanDreamItDoIt.com right now is more than just a website, not a full fledged business, but I'd say at the end of the day, it's simple. It's about hard work, that's the vehicle that will get you there. There's really no shortcuts in any industry or business. 

My Dad owns his own real estate company, and I've learned a ton by watching what he does and asking questions about his business. I love this one habit he has at the end of every year: he has a red journal and he writes down his mistakes. It's kind of like a practice like "Okay I learned from this mistake, and I know I don't want to repeat this mistake again." I think we can (or I can) at least mull over things I could have/should have done. I love that practice my Dad does at the end of each year. It's a way to close the door on things that cloud up your brain. 

Q: You're attending a party/event. What small details do you seem to notice first? 
A: Who doesn't love bright pops of color?? I usually notice lipstick and purses first. As far as party decor, I always notice the flowers!

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 3.54.09 PM.png

Q: Best advice you've received and why it stuck with you for so long. 
A: "You can't let challenges stop you or propel you." I literally have a notepad of quotes/advice people have given me on my iPhone, but this specific one has been resonating with me for the past year. I think it's simple and clear. Look, no matter what you do, who you are, there will be challenges you will face in life, and every single person has unique challenges to their journey. You can either let the shadow of the mountain of a challenge take and overwhelm you, halting you to a complete stop. OR you can hike that mountain, sweat, cry, build endurance, and make it over that mountain of a challenge to see an entire new view, as a better version of you. 

Q: What is one goal you want to accomplish before you're 30? 
A: I'm super career driven, but also family oriented, so it's in two parts:
Career Goal: I love inspiring the stories of triumph from actors, athletes, and entrepreneurs. I'd love to be telling those stories through video and digital formats that'd reach people worldwide. I do this a bit now, but would want to continue to grow in these areas. There's a lot of powerful stories in this world & I love when people let their guard down and share honestly about their journey.
Family Goal: I'm all about being a girl boss, but I also think it's amazing if you can find someone who makes you better in your career aspirations and in who you are as a person. So, I hope to find that along the way as well. 

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Q: Glitter or feathers? Donuts or Froyo? Succulent or daises? 
GLITTER, sparkle on girl! 

Talk about a girl boss with an amazing head on her shoulders. If everyone had such a positive attitude toward life, it sure would be one happy world. Thanks Lindsey for encouraging us to pursue our daydreams while loving people along the way! If you want to continue to be inspired by this Darling, follow her on social media: 
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