DIY Hangover Kit

We all know that bachelorette parties can get a littttlleeee crazy - but don't worry darlings! We've got you hooked up with these handmade hangover kits. Your head and stomach will be thanking us after one too many vodka tonics. 


We chose to personalize each bag each bridesmaid's name in calligraphy & we couldn't resist some bling. The bride can't be the only one rocking diamonds! 


Each kit includes the following life savers:
- 4x6 Cotton draw string bag (cross available in black or red)
- Customizable handlettering (names, wedding date, etc.)
- Your mini alcohol shot of choice * if you can stomach it.
- Stretchy girly hair ties
- Lara Bar
- Tylenol
- Mini Orbit Gum
- Glitter bandaids


Too busy planning your wedding that you don't have time to make these bags yourself? That's where we come in silly! Order these kits off our Etsy site here: Details, Darling Shop 
Enjoy that extra shot of vodka with your ladies because we've got your hassle and hangover covered!