Bridesmaids Box

You might be engaged to the man of your dreams, but you can't survive your wedding day without lovely women by your side. They could be your sisters, best friends from college, roommates, coworkers, or neighbors! Who knows! But... what we do know is that they deserve to be asked, "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" in a special & memorable way. This Bridesmaid Box is how we would shower our leading ladies with love: 

1. Morra Designs ID Bracelet
This gorgeous bangle is the most simplistic, yet stunning piece of jewelry for your bridesmaids to wear on your big day. Available in gold or silver with the option to stamp initials or dates on the underside. Have your bridesmaid's jewelry covered already? The other pieces available on the site are the perfect gifts for your "soon to be" mother-in-law, your favorite grandma or yourself! And.... since the designer, Heather, is very close to our heart, she's hooking up our Darlings with a 20% discount on the entire site! Like @morradesigns on Instagram & use the code "detailsdarling" at checkout on her website. 
Shop here: Latching ID Bangle

2. Let's Tie The Knot champagne flute
First you have to pop the question.... then you can pop the champagne. We know that lots of bubbly will be flowing on your big day! Use these personalized flutes to celebrate with your ladies in style. Customize the flute with your wedding date, names or even your favorite quote. Pop, fizz, clink! 
Shop here: Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

3. Martini Rose
Well you can't give your ladies the cutest champagne glass without providing something to drink. The cutest mini bottles we ever did see! 
Shop here: Mini Bubbly 

4. Social Print Studio mini magnets
If you picked each one of these women as your bridesmaids, then you must have many years of memories and plenty of photos together. Time to put all those embarrassing and adorable pictures to use! These tiny magnets are the most affordable, yet personalized gift. 
Shop here: Square Magnets

5. Boots Botanics Rosewater Tonic Spray
If you're feeling good & are dolled up but your face isn't happy, we have your #1 beauty trick. Rose water has proven to be our secret zip zapper. Your bridesmaids will wake up on the big day feeling refreshed and blotches free.
Shop here: Spritzer

6. Vinylux Nail Polish
Your ladies can't show up with chipped nails... but who needs to spend $40 on a manicure? Have a pedicure & manicure party with your bridesmaids the night before the wedding. This breakthrough polish is guaranteed to last a week & doesn't need a base coat. 
Shop here: Pink Polish

All your bases are covered in this box & your bridesmaids will be feeling extra special. So cheers, Darling to having incredible ladies by your side on the most incredible day of your life!