Darling of the Month - Something Social LA

We've been wanting to interview this Darling for quite some time now - meet Calli from Something Social LA. Calli's inspired us to brand ourselves via social media and think outside the box! And the best part: she's only 24 and started her own creative business. Sounds familiar. Thanks for showing us how it's done and done well! 

Q: Give us your best "15 second elevator pitch" on who you are! 
A: LA native. Social Media obsessed. Caption enthusiast. Rooftop connoisseur. Amateur foodie. Floral admirer. Wannabe photographer. Travel lover. Type A. Fitness fanatic. Family first.

Q: Where did the idea for Something Social LA come from?
A: After graduating USC, I really had no idea what I wanted to pursue in terms of a career. Throughout college I had internships in all my fields of interest (fashion, PR, events, etc.) but nothing really clicked for me. I knew I wanted to find something where I could blend all of my passions - fashion, fitness, health, food, wellness, creativity, LA lifestyle, travel - but I just didn’t know what that looked like. Through a friend’s referral, I ended up getting a job with a boutique social media firm, and realized quickly that I had found my niche. After about 8 months I was approached by another business to handle their social media internally, and I decided then and there that I would start my own company, with that business as my first client. Within two weeks I had a second client, then a third and a fourth, and Something Social was born. It all happened so fast (and organically), that I think I operated for about two months before even coming up with the business’ name!

Q: Your company specializes in social media and brand curation! What is your #1 advice for small businesses when it comes to social media? 
A: First and foremost, consistency is key! It’s super important to develop each brand’s vision and voice, and to transmit that messaging over and over in a consistent, unique, and aesthetically pleasing way. You want a consumer to visit any of your social platforms and immediately have an understanding of who you are and what your brand is about. Consistency should run through not only your messaging, but also in the sort of content you’re sharing, the type of imagery, the style of editing, and everything in between.

Q: You're attending a party/event. What small details do you seem to notice first? 
A: Well, naturally, the first thing I think to myself is, “What can I Instagram?!” I immediately scan the event or party for photographable elements, which are typically flowers, an art installation, wall décor, or specialty food items. If I leave the party with a good Instagram, I consider it a success!

Q: Best advice you've received and why it stuck with you for so long. 
A: Trust your intuition. This whole process has led me to become much more in tune with my inner voice and my gut feelings. Everyone has an opinion, everyone has a suggestion, and everyone has advice. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of listening to trusted advisors and using logic, but also doing what feels right. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason why a decision feels right, but I have realized that when I trust my gut, somehow it all works out. Even when I have doubts (which I’ll be honest, is all the time), I remember to have a little faith, and sooner or later, 10 times out of 10, something happens to remind me that everything happens for a reason.

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Q: What is one goal you want to accomplish before you're 30? 
A: I could never have envisioned owning my own company by the age of 24, so who knows what could happen by the time I’m 30! I’ve learned throughout this journey not to be so attached to a single outcome, but to be open to all sorts of possibilities. So I guess my goal is to be happy, whatever that may look like! I could see myself running a 20 person agency as easily as I could see myself in a new venture of some sort. I hope to continue to have my passion and my purpose intertwined, to be in love, and to always make sure I’m making a difference in someone else’s life.  

Q: What is something you wish you knew before you started your own business?
A: I’m pretty type A and like to feel self-sufficient and have my hand in everything. That being said, I sometimes forget that not only do I not have to wear every hat, but I also shouldn’t! Delegation is key. Other people are experts in their field for a reason, and it’s taken me some time to learn not only the skill of passing off tasks to others when necessary, but also the importance (and the upside) of taking advantage of other people’s skill sets. Finding and surrounding yourself with a good team is extremely important.

Q: Little black dress or pink romper? Ice cream or cupcakes? Soul Cycle or Pure Barre? Glitter or feathers? 
A: Little black dress. Ice Cream. CYCLE HOUSE. Glitter!

Calli has some killer advice for young business owners & this mindset has obviously taken her far! Trust us when we say that you definitely want to click "follow" on this lady's Instagram account. Her captions will have you laughing & her photos will make you wish you were her best friend! She's a social media expert, so better check it out below:  

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