Sundrenched- a word to describe the overwhelming force of the sun on oneself. It's such a beautiful word, yet we don’t find ourselves using it as often. Maybe this company can help! 

Sundrenchd is a company founded on a deep love and appreciation for the ocean. Their hope is to protect those creatures deep beneath our seas & insure their longevity. Handmade by one of our beautiful friends Jordan, Sundrechd has teamed up with The Whaleman Foundation of Oahu, Hawaii to insure protection for dolphins, whales, and porpoises. 

Their products are made for those darlings that love not only our mother earth, but those who clearly love the ocean. With adorable key chains, bangles, and beautiful bracelets that encourage positivity, love, and good vibes - these accessories are easy to pair with any outfit & add the perfect pop of personality.

The best part: you can custom order bangles and bracelets for a crazy affordable price of $18! Customizing is great for any occasion- whether its for birthday gifts, bridesmaids, sisters, even for kids!

Use the code: "DETAILSDARLING" for 15% off your order for the next two weeks! 

Instagram: @sundrenchd