Yellow Conference


To say we were inspired during these two days wouldn't even do this conference justice. With the amount of incredible speakers and welcoming women, we were definitely set on fire to get out & spread goodness to the world. So what exactly is Yellow Conference you ask? The Yellow Conference is a gathering for creative women who desire to ignite passion & bring goodness to the world through everyday living! 

Each day we listened to speakers with crazy stories, great advice, & blooming careers. It wasn't easy work for them, yet they pushed through and are living everyday in hopes to bring light into someone else's life. How cool! 

We wanted to share with you quotes that stuck out from each speaker: 
1. So Worth Loving, Eryn: "Work harder on yourself than your job"
2. Seeko Designs, Liz : "Perfect is the enemy of good"
3. Hand Lettering, Sean Wes: "Be consistent & show up everyday" 
4. Chipper Things, Becky: "It's not a sprint. You have time"
5. 31 Bits, Jessie : "You must evoke passion and emotion into your brand"
6. The Inner InteriorJocelyn Hefner: "Empty the bowl (your mind). Get rid of thoughts that don't serve you."
7. Yes or No Book, Jeff: "What you say yes to will define who you become"
8. Ruthie Lindsey Design, Ruthie: "Make conscience decisions to do things lovingly & you will be life giving"
9. LTD 365, Nada: "You need to make money, it values what you do & gives you longevity"
10. Charity Water, Vik : "The craziest thing to do is nothing."
11. Kind Campaign, Lauren & Molly: "You can sit with us"
12. Help PortraitJeremy: "Trust your partner in life. You will be way more attractive that way."

The conference was held at the ThinkTank in downtown LA. Not the coldest of venues, but so worth every moment. The friends we met were all in similar small business fields (event planning, photographers, non-profits). It's exciting to see so many women eager to build their brand and make a name for themselves. It showed us that everything is a process & we don't need to be crazy successful from the very beginning. Take you time, work hard & eventually the pieces will fall into place. 

And all the flowers & decorations were to die for! 

What an epic two days & we are definitely counting down until next year. Will you be joining us in 2016 Darlings? We sure hope so!