Halloween Costume Hunt

Who said Halloween costumes for yourself, the kids you babysit, or your own children have to break your piggy bank! These simple costumes can be used for children to adults with the right props and attitude. 

The cutest lions we ever did see! Here are some simple ideas:

1. American Apparel tan dress (We bedazzled the neck line to give it a little extra sparkle) 
2. The skirt can easily be DIY. We found different shades of brown tool from Joanns and glued it to a felt band.

Dorothy and a Music Lover. We absolutely LOVE the oversized candy we found. 


Our heart is melting over this little bunny! 

Want to be a bit edgier this Halloween? Throw on some rocker shoes, add a fun tutu and your costume is complete! 

The most simple, yet adorable costumes for sisters or girlfriends!  Happy costume hunting, Darlings! 

Amazing photographer of these images: Kaylee Chelsea