Darling Date Night

Whether you have a loved one, just started dating or you’re celebrating with your gals, Valentine’s Day should be a day that celebrates companionship and friendship! We know how hard it can be to think of creative and affordable ideas that will make anyone swoon, so we are providing you with a number of ideas for any valentine. 

Idea #1:
For The First Time Darlings

1. Dine Out/Dine In
Find a simple recipe online and cook together! Making dinner together can be one of the more affordable moves on Valentines Day, due to restaurants’ hiking up venue prices for pre-set course meals. Cooking together is also a great team building exercise, and will help the two of you explore the deeper side of your relationship!

One option could be even making sushi. Sounds ambitious, we know, but with the right ingredients and partner, sushi can be a fun easy way to save money and enjoy some quality time together! 

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 3.55.57 PM.png

Simple Sushi Recipe for Two

Short Grain White or Brown Rice
- Your choice in veggies (bell peppers, cucumber, avocado)
- Your choice in fish (easy to pick up salmon or crab at the grocery store)
- Seaweed
- Sugar
- Rice Vinegar
- A dishtowel and plastic wrap for sushi rolling

1. Cook rice according to package directions. Once completed add ¼ cup of sugar and ½ cup of rice vinegar to warm rice and mix thoroughly. Sushi rice will become sticky. Set aside to cool.
2. Slice choice of veggies and fish in to long thin pieces, set aside for when rice has cooled.
3. Take dishtowel and lay flat, cover with a layer of plastic wrap and set seaweed down. Place a thin even layer of sticky sushi rice on seaweed, and follow with fish and veggies.
4. Take plastic wrap and towel and begin to carefully roll sushi over (only once). Make sure to roll tight or sushi will fall apart!
5. Cut & serve

For the darlings that enjoy the outdoors:

 If the time you spend with you’re significant other is mostly out in the fresh air, then that is definitely something that should be incorporated into Valentine’s Day! Planning a romantic hike with a viewpoint or even a beach picnic with a nice bottle of bubbly. 

Want to extend the romance? Go camping under the stars for the night!  Make a fire, roast marshmallows, star gaze, and let the outdoors enchant the two of you for the evening.  Don’t have the ability to get out to a campground? That’s okay! Pitch a cute teepee tent in the backyard stuffed with warm blankets and pillows! Perfect for a bit of stargazing, and you have the amenities of your home right there at your fingertips, in case you run out of wine or need to run to the bathroom! 

Idea #2:
For the long time lovers

Been there, done that. Valentines Day is something that you’ve already been through and don't want to focus on. Whether it’s a new adventure or a quiet night in, we have some ideas for you and your darling that won't cause any stress. 

Darling Weekend Getaway:

If you have been with your darling for quite sometime now, it maybe easy to get stuck in the same day to day routine. When we do this, it seems we forget the simplest forms of appreciation to each other, which undoubtedly and unnoticeably adds even more stress to both of your lives. So take this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to truly appreciate each other by get away from all of the hustle and bustle of life! Websites such as AirBnB.com* and Skyscanner.com (which is similar to Expedia and Kayak, but searches all over 1,200 certified website travel sites for the best deals), make it extremely easy to schedule and book a trip!  Quaint mountain towns such as Big Bear, Ojai and even Lake Tahoe are extremely romantic. 

*AirBnB is a company that helps list and book accommodations all over the world depending on what is desired! You basically sublet a shared room, private room, or entire space depending on what you are looking for and AirBnB matches you with a host that is right for you!*

Idea #3:
All Your Darlings

Galentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day isn’t just about celebrating a boyfriend, a husband, or a significant other! It’s about celebrating the people in your life that surround you with positivity and love. Who better does that than your gals?! “Galentine’s Day”, is a great alternative to celebrating the holiday by setting aside some time to hangout, relax and appreciate the women in your life that have helped you grow in love and relationships! Whether it is making a homemade mimosa brunch with a bagel bar, or spending the day wine tasting, Details, Darling truly believes that your gals should always be your first valentines! 

Celebrating Valentine’s Day alone is never something to be ashamed of. Taking the time to appreciate and love oneself is the first healthy step in any relationship. At the end of the day loving yourself first is what matters the most. So take this Valentine’s Day to truly appreciate and cherish YOURSELF! Plan an all day spa day (facial packages can be found for a lower price on GroupOn), or take the time to accomplish or try something you have always wanted to! Take the time to reflect inward and truly recognize and build an awareness of self-love!