A Hostess' Guide to Easter Brunch

While we can't deny that a basket filled with candy is always a nice treat, this Easter, we have a number of other ways to spoil your brunch guests-and yourself! From 8 ways to devil your eggs, cocktails and mock-tails (for the little darlings in attendance), and DIY crafts and desserts that you can't wait to put on the table, here's all you need to make this Easter brunch a sweet success. 

What to Serve:

Crostini's are one of our favorite brunch appetizers! These bite-sized Ricotta Salmon Crostini's, courtesy of My Domaine, start off the day on the savory side. 

Follow it up with your choice of these 8 deviled egg recipes and your darling guests won't be able to help grabbing just one more! 

What to Drink: 

For the little darlings, this Blood Orange Faux-Garita recipe is just sweet enough! A delicious mix of blood orange juice, a little splash of lime, seltzer water, and simple syrup; it can easily be transformed into a Easter Marg for you too (just add a splash of tequila)! 

For a simple but beautiful pop of color for your Easter, nothing is better than a Mimosa Bar! Complete with your guests' choice of juices, champagne, prosecco, and optional fruit for muddling, a mimosa bar is easy on the setup and leaves plenty of room for seconds (or thirds!).

What to Decorate:

Ditch the dye this Easter season and opt for nail polish instead! We tried this quick and easy DIY project for a pretty centerpiece and loved the elegance they added.

What You'll Need: eggs (room temp hard boiled) // disposable plastic container // blue or indigo nail polish // rubber gloves // stir stick // drying holder // room temp water

Step 1: Fill plastic container with 3/4 full of room temperature water. *If the water is too cold the polish will sink.

Step 2: Add a few drops of nail polish. The more polish you add, the darker and more covered the egg will get.

Step 3: Lightly stir with a stick to make a marbled look in the water.

Step 4: Dip the egg under the water and swirl. (Tip: Make sure to wear rubber gloves!)

Step 5: Dry the eggs. You can use pins in foam or old wine corks to make a stand for the eggs as they dry. You can use any nail polish color to brighten up your table all year 'round!

Sweets for the Darlings: 

These macaroons will have you baking long after Easter season is over! With adorable pastels, they make the perfect spring addition to your table. Plus with flavors like lavender and honey, they're everyone's definition of sweet. (Via Blahnik Baker

So hop to it, darlings! We can't wait to see what yummy brunch you decide to serve to your peeps this Easter. Make sure to tag us when you use any of these gorgeous recipes!