Darling of the Month // BoxFox

Whether you've got a long distance gal pal, or your sister is under the weather, the darlings at BOXFOX have got you covered! These gorgeous gift boxes are perfect for a bridesmaid, a birthday, a "just because," or a housewarming gift and they've even got a little something for the man in your life! 

Q: Give us your best "15 second elevator pitch" on who you are! 
A: BOXFOX is an LA-based gifting company, offering premium, curated gift boxes enabled by simple user experiences like our BUILD A BOXFOX platform. We're dedicated to making gifting effortless and elegant by handling everything from writing a handwritten card to accompany each box, to packing by hand, to shipping!

Q: Where did the idea for Box Fox come from?
A: After college, a good friend of ours was sick. With crazy work hours and a paycheck on the smaller side, finding a unique and meaningful way to say “we’re here for you” was impossible.  It got us thinking and grew into this idea for elevated and curated gifts for all the highs and lows of life, even when you can’t be there to participate. BOXFOX was created to bring people closer with innovations that make gifting more elegant, personal and undeniably simple. We believe gifting, for any and all occasions, can be a well-presented and true reflection of the relationship it represents. The idea for BOXFOX was born out of a need for something that didn’t exist.

Q:Your company specializes in personalized gifts for so many different occasions!
How do you find ways to stay creative and involved in the wedding industry?

A: We follow a ton of wedding blogs that really help us keep our finger on the pulse of what's happening in the industry, whether it be trends we're seeing with colors, destinations, venues, or of course, gifts. It's definitely the fun kind of research! We also love getting the chance to meet some of the amazing minds behind our favorite weddings -- we have a ton of wedding clients, which makes it easy to do. 

Q: You're attending a party/event. What small details do you seem to notice first? 
A: It really depends. We're all huge on color palettes, so that's definitely something we take note of -- how the colors come together, how they match the setting, how they set the mood. We're also big on personal touches -- so we love when a party really makes guests feel like they're part of something special. Things like calligraphy nametags for each guest if it's a dinner party, a signature cocktail for the night that's inspired by the theme, or a beautifully designed dessert display that brings together a mix of nostalgic and decadent treats.

Q: Best advice you've received about being in business. 
A: Don't take no for an answer - we always say, if we had stopped at our first no, BOXFOX wouldn't even exist! Outside of that, we're always reading, watching, listening to inspirational people, especially women in business, all of whom really encourage us to think a little outside the box (no pun intended, we promise).

Q: What are some tools you've used to grow your business and following? 
A: Social media is huge for us. We see it as the perfect way to build a brand aesthetically through photography on Instagram, Pinterest, and more; tell our story through our blog and on Facebook; and connect with our customers one-to-one on Twitter (and truly, all of the above platforms). We're also hugely grateful to our personal and professional networks who really helped us spread the word from the get-go. 

Q: What is something you wish you knew before you started your own business?
A: Something we didn't quite realize before we started BOXFOX is the idea of "wearing different hats." We knew we'd have to stretch ourselves to learn skills we hadn't before, but are truly learning the meaning of that. We've done everything from learned the nuances of shipping, to negotiating contracts, to drafting up business plans, to painting our warehouse.

Q: Ribbon or glitter? Chocolate or vanilla? Musical theatre or the movies? Beach or mountains? 
A: Black ribbon (of course!). Vanilla. The movies - we can quote Mean Girls, Parent Trap, and Wedding Crashers like nobody's business (and frequently do). As westside Los Angeles girls, definitely the beach. No better way to spend an afternoon.

So next time you're in need of a gift, you don't need to run to the store or spend hours shopping, let the darlings at BOXFOX help you out!  Shop their pre-packaged for any occasion, or if you've got an idea of your own, build your own BOXFOX! Check them out below.